Saturday, June 26, 2010


Got home yesterday to find a letter from The Mater.

My first Chemo has been rescheduled to a week later. They invite me to give them a call if the new date doesn't suit me.

Too right I will be giving them a call. I have just spent a week and a half organising the rest of my life around the 8th of July. I could have had this 1st session this week, but put it off so that Mum and Dad could have their planned holiday. I REALLY didn't want them to give that up, Mum and the kids especially have really been looking forward to it, and no way was I going to break their hearts.

Apart from that, I really want this to start, so it can finish and I can get on with the rest of my life...

I don't think some of the people I've talked to about it get it! It isn't JUST a week, it's ANOTHER WHOLE week.


Moko said...

'Cuse me for being blunt, sure you don't know me any other way, but she's a big deal and needs to be tackled with open eyes and head on. It is a pain in the arse and I reckon wanting to to keep things running normal as possible is important as well, but you've got cancer deary, life doesn't need to stop, but it's okay to respect it for what it is.

Don't FKN whine though, GOD that annoys me. ;o)

Moko said...

Sorry, the wink meant to indicate I was joking and being facetious. It meant to mean I felt EXACTLY the opposite to that.

Catty said...

Ah. NOW it's starting to sound like QLD health.

Give 'em what-for, Mayhem. I'd wear my cheerleaders outfit for the occasion, but still haven't found a replacement for the one the Rhino ruined.

I could lend you my pom poms, though. For sure you can think of an interesting use for them during the upcoming confrontation.

jennicki said...

You know it's not just the actual inconvenience of the reschedule. You've been emotionally preparing yourself for THIS day, and to have it changed on you really sucks.