Thursday, June 10, 2010

Preliminary Report

Staying at Mum's for a couple of days, so just a quick check-in....

Saw the surgeon again this morning, he removed the lump with good margins, as well as 4 lymph nodes. At this stage, the lymph nodes don't show any signs of spread, however there are more test results to come. We will know for sure tomorrow.

Provided there are no nasty surprises tomorrow, next step is a meeting on Wednesday with my full medical team including radiation and medical oncologists, surgeon and breast care nurse.

A little tired and sore still, but not too bad, will check in again over the next day or so. Thanks for all the thoughts and messages of support.

Love you all.


Catty said...

Such a relief! I hope the test results are as good as expected.

I'm glad your mum's looking after you. When life hands you lemons, sure you can make lemonade. But only your mum can turn them into a lemon meringue pie.

Think healing thoughts, beautiful girl. We're already thinking them for you. LYLT.

Mayhem said...

Thanks Catty,

Now if Mum could just stop giving me sh!t about my man, (who will be here on the 30th), it would be perfect....

Quokka said...

That is good news indeed.
Keep us posted.

If its any consolation I recall waking up from my surgery - 16 years ago now - looking and feeling rather like the Bride of Dracula. So if you feel like this, I believe it is normal and it does pass - just not fast enough for my liking at the time.

I also discovered that Marlena's family on Days of Our Lives was a wonderful substitute for my own, given that when a crisis calls, the cracks in their sanity tend to expand into sink holes, much like that one that almost swallowed Guatamala.

May you have a speedy recovery, Mx Mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous news, and hope you're recovering well, Mayhem.

How like a Mum to be getting stuck in to your partner when you're feeling wonky... as soon as you're back on your feet we'll throw her back to Greybeard. I believe the oubliette's renovations are nearly complete - now with 80% more dank!

Quokka said...

Hello Ms Mayhem

Just touching base to say I hope you're healing well after your time of horrors and that there was no need for further slicing and dicing.

Thinking of you.