Monday, June 28, 2010


As promised I phoned the Hospital this morning to let them know that I was unhappy with the schedule change for my first Chemo session.

The young lady on the phone advised that the appointment had been changed because the Doc would be away. I explained that I was aware of that, the Doc had mentioned it, but we agreed that her lovely assistant would be capable of handling the procedure. This caused some confusion, as it turns out, my appointment had been logged as an appointment to meet the Doctor, rather than Chemo. She assured me that as it was a Chemo appointment, should be okay, and she would call back to confirm after she spoke to the Doc. At about 11:30 I got the call, and confirmation that Chemo would begin as originally scheduled on July 8th.

On the one hand I was annoyed that I had made myself sick with stress all weekend over a simple clerical error, on the other hand, we all make mistakes, I'm not immune myself, and it's better than the Doc just deciding to push me out a week without any discussion.


Catty said...


Go Mayhem!

I told you those pom poms would come in handy.

An acquaintance, Rob, said that he would freeze ice cubes of Coke (his favourite drink). He said after chemo, sucking on coke ice cubes was all he could stomach.

I don't know if this helps, but it might do to freeze a few cubes of your favourite drink, just in case.

Catty said...

Mayhem, I am so inspired by your bravery in the face of this enormous challenge.

Now you've started chemo, I wanted to do something to show solidarity. So I cut off my hair.

20+ years worth of hair, all gone.

Now every time I look at my hideous head, and mourn my silky, waist-length tresses, I remember all that you have to suffer. It puts things into perspective. Sure, I miss my beautiful hair, but so many cancer sufferers lose much much more than just their hair.

You are a legend, Mayhem.

Mayhem said...

Darling Catty,

I can't believe you did that! I am both touched and amazed. Also a little bewildered... I don't consider myself brave or inspiring, I'm just doing what I have to do!

Nonetheless, thank you from the bottom of my heart, solidarity is a wonderful thing, and this is an amazing tribute. I seriously doubt your head is hideous, though I do hope you had it cut by a hairdressser.

So far apart from constant low grade nausea, I'm doing okay, no vomiting, and eating well. Hopefully that continues and the nausea subsides soon. I will be updating both of my blogs in the next few days hopefully, complete with pics of... no never mind, it will be a surprise!

Quokka said...

Ha, I found the second blog although not where everyone promised it would be. Perhaps I really do need to upgrade safari.

The burning question is, where do I go to discuss Moko's goats. Where they cute? And has he set up the electric fence to stop those unpleasant Goat Fanciers from having Relations with them? Being as no woman on earth would go near the aforementioned Goat Fancier.